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ISEE Simulation software

Use your own floorplans complete with staff, resources, and patients. Simulate your own or existing training scenarios and objectively evaluate on the basis of the data log compiled by ISEE.
Advice and Training

ISEE helps your organization to both develop contingency plans that take into account your own people and resources and practise using these incident plans.
Technical Support

Our team would be happy to provide you with technical support for and help optimize your training courses and training plans.


Training, supervising, and advising medical professionals
on ways of handling situations that require firm management.

This is what we offer you
ISEE Simulation software
Available at any location (via internet connection)
Unlimited practice
Objective evaluation
Multidisciplinary training
Realistic working environment
Advice and Training


Trauma centre:
"It is good for the control room to use the software to practice in a virtual environment using the transport capacity and the medical treatment capacity (for hospitals) as described in the patient allocation plan, while experiencing the realistic problems that participants may encounter during the exercise."
Ambulance paramedic:
"The ISEE tabletop exercise made the roles of the person responsible for the task within the large-scale medical assistance process. It's fantastic!"
Ambulance paramedic:
"We have been using ISEE for training courses for ‘pre-hospital’ scenarios (which do not take place within hospitals) since 2016. It is an interactive way to run a large virtual exercise in accordance with our model in an accessible manner that requires low staging costs. The employees and the ISEE instructors think that it is a user-friendly system."

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